Alda Chiarini's delicious recipes to pair with our wines

Christmas Tortellini

For Christmas dinner here is the recipe of tortellini   Christmas recipe for Tortellini

For the filling: 150g. of veal, 150g of pork loin. Cook with garlic, rosemary and a bit of white wine.
150gr.  of parma ham
Chop together finely with a mixer and add 225g. of parmigiano reggiano
Tritate finemente con un mixer il tutto e aggiungete g. 225 di parmigiano reggiano. Season with grated nutmeg
Roll the pastry and follow the instructions above to make the squares where you lay the filling

Cook the Tortellini in a meat broth (veal and chicken broth)
Si dice che “ la morte dei tortellini” è con il brodo!!
In this case you pair tortellini with our Fosso del Nibbio!
Fresh, with cherry aroma and a pleasant and persistent flavour

I prefer them with Ragu'!

In this way you can enjoy them with our Rosso del Gell Riserva Montecucco Sangiovese DOCG, which has an intense rubin colour, matter cherry aroma with hint of coffee. Its soft in your mouth with complex and sturdy flavour

Chard Rolls

Chard rolls stuffed with softened loin bread, chard stalks treated with garlic and chili pepper, chopped parma ham, ricotta, parmesan and an egg.
The leaves should be boiled very little before stuffing them with the filling.
With the rest of the filling, make some meatballs and put everything in a baking dish with a little oil and then in the oven for 15 minutes. 
Savour our ROSSO DEL GELLO DOCG which, with its aroma and persistent taste, goes well with this dish.

Orange Salad

Cut the oranges into thin slices, spread them on a plate and add a sliced ​​spring onion, thyme, salt and our excellent KEYA OIL!
The BIANCO VERMENTINO with its flavour and pleasantness, perfectly blends the sweet and salty taste of this beautiful salad.

Emmer Salad

A light but nutritious dish that goes well with our FOSSO DEL NIBBIO a red Tuscan IGT, 100% Sangiovese and organic!
Cook the emmer 'al dente' and soak the TROPEA onion in red vinegar for more than half an hour. Add the celery in small pieces, tomatoes and fresh raw courgettes, which will also be used for decoration. Season with extra virgin olive oil, our TARA, monovarietal is perfect. I forgot: add lots of basil leaves!

Cinghiale e Polenta Concia

A half Tuscan and half Piedmontese dish that you can accompany with our AGELLUS- FOGLIATONDA,
an intense red, with a persistent taste and aromas of black berries.
Wild boar should be cooked slowly with lots of spices (don't forget the bay leaf),
but covered with lots of wine… red!
Polenta must be craved and enriched at the end with butter, fontina and taleggio cheese.
Put the polenta first in an earthenware bowl and the wild boar on top. You can drink our Fogliatonda to satisfaction with this dish. A native and very pleasant wine: it is organic. few sulphites... so, no headaches on the next day!!!

Tortelli and Bolognese's Ragù

Here is an all-Bolognese dish but with a very Tuscan wine: our Montecucco Sangiovese DOCG “Rosso del Gello“!!
The tortelli are stuffed with ricotta cheese, parsley and lots of Parmesan and served with the real Bolognese sauce, made with battutino (onion, celery and carrot), beef, a little wine and a whole tube of preserves.
Accompany this dish with plenty of our Sangiovese (the wine is organic, it doesn't hurt!)
“Rosso del Gello” has a brilliant ruby ​​color. In the mouth the taste is full-bodied and refers to the flavor of the land where it comes from. Tuscany and Emilia thus make a beautiful combination!

Spaghetti with Shrimps

It is a very tasty fish dish, with shrimps (fresh, very little cooked separately) and clams. Prepare a pan with anchovy, oil and capers in which you will flavor the spaghetti that you have cooked in a pot. Add the shellfish and lots of parsley.
Serve the dish with our “BIANCO” - vermentino, IGT Toscana, very savory, mineral and persistent in the mouth. I recommend that it is fresh but not ice-cold, to savor all the taste!!

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