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Our Farm is organic certified by Icea and under EU legislation.

Research, organic production, traditions and love for our products.

The purpose of our activity for us Giorgio and Alda is the full respect of the environment and the revival of the Tuscan native varieties of vines and olives.

The wines and oil we produce are the result of our research on the typicality of this part of Tuscany.

We give a scrupulous attention to all the steps of the production process, with minimal corrective intervention, allowing the land to deliver its natural products to us.

Our research takes into high consideration the contribution of sensibility and knowledge given by the people working with us and of those that worked this land for centuries.

What's the outcome?

Wines and Oils that originate from a collective experience and of a particular quality that is ours alone and that is worth sharing.

We are open to the public for Wine Tasting and Sales

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Rosso Del Gello
Rosso Del Gello - Riserva
Fosso Del Nibbio
Organic Olive Oil
Grappa Del Gello

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Our Farm is organic certified by Icea and under EU legislation.

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