Paganico, Grosseto, Italy, Tel/Fax:0039 393 2007423


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About us
Our Farm is organic certified by Icea
and under EU legislation.



The research for a quality product is the result of a collective and shared experience

The purpose of our activity for us Giorgio and Alda is the full respect of the environment and the revival of the Tuscan native varieties of vines and olives.
Going back to our Mediterranean roots,
respecting the people that worked this land
for centuries is important to us.

The focus of our work is producing in a natural way, allowing the land to deliver its products to us
and valuing the contribution of sensibility
and knowledge given by the people working with us.

Podere 'Poggio al Gello', Paganico, Grosseto, Italy, Tel/Fax: 0039 393 2007423